Upcoming Changes To Travefy’s Free Personal Itinerary Service



  • Travefy Support

    On behalf of the entire Travefy team - We greatly appreciate all of our Travefy Personal users and have worked diligently to ensure continued access to any active trips as we sunset the Travefy Personal product.

    We want your thoughts and feedback and encourage you to leave your comments here, which will be reviewed by our team.

  • Michele Kreke

    I am highly disappointed to hear this. As a mom of a large family, your product was the only one that could meet my needs; when traveling with 5+ kids it's essential to build travel time into iteneraries, and your product was the only one that let me easily do that, and also let me drag and drop to change activity time or order as our plans changed on the fly due to kids needs. Am I reading correctly that we will still be able to access existing and create new trip on the website, we just won't be able to share them with anyone?

  • Brian Breslin

    I'm not a travel professional but love using your solution with my friends. Any interest in making a lower tier version that forgoes the white-labeling/branding? 

  • Travefy Support

    Thank you so much for your thoughts, Michelle. We appreciate your candid feedback and apologize for the impact of this change on the creation of future trips for your family. Please know this is a change our own team has not taken lightly and I will absolutely share your helpful feedback. 

    To answer your question, you will be able to view and share trips that you have created before August 1, 2019. You will have access to view those trips using the "Our Itinerary Viewer" app until Dec. 31, 2019 as well. However, you will still have access to edit them online after Dec. 31, 2019 without the mobile app. I hope that makes sense! Let us know if you have any other questions at all. 


  • Travefy Support

    Brian - Thank you so much for your feedback, we really appreciate it! I will absolutely share your helpful feedback on alternative packages with our team. 

  • Michelle Rush

    Dear Travefy,

    I am truly devastated about your changes and not supporting Mum & Dad travellers anymore.  The cost of Travefy Professional is just not affordable to people who go on  infrequent trips and want to share with their family.  The cost of $360US annually ,is more than the cost of travel insurance.
    Would it be possible to put a lower level /tier within Travefy Professional, to cater for users such as myself?  I don't need most of the features in Travefy Professional.  I really  only use Travefy  as it is - sharing with my family.  I was disappointed last year when you removed the ability to create a pdf.  That is a feature I use as well.
    To make things worse you are going to take the app out of the App store at the end of the year.  That means if you have a new device without a backup, it's not possible to get the app anymore.  I was extra upset when I read this.
    I am desperately trying to find another platform that I can use, but I just love Travefy and am very reluctant to use anything else.  Other paid platforms seem to be around $30US per year.  This is a reasonable and affordable price for non-professional users.
    Please, please can you come up with a low cost option for users like myself.
  • Travefy Support

    Hi Michelle, 

    We appreciate the honest feedback and thank you for sharing it with us here. Currently, we only support one subscription plan but we have shared this idea of a lower tier plan with our team to review and we will be sure to keep you informed if any new plans are created. 

    In parallel, if helpful, below are a few free travel planners we're aware of if you wanted to check those out for an alternative to Travefy:


    Please don't hesitate to reach out with any additional questions or concerns. We're always here to help and we completely understand the frustration this change causes.

  • Luke Gilligan

    I am in the middle of planning a trip for May next year and wanted to confirm after 1 Aug I will still be able to login via the website, view my trip, edit my trip, add places, attractions, accommodations, notes, transport etc and save my plans?

    I won't be able to share my trip with anyone else or print it to PDF.

    Is this correct?

    Will I be able to add new trips after 1 Aug?



  • Jessica Anderson

    I am a little unclear as to how the site will function after Aug. 1. 

    Will we still be able to create new trips without a paid subscription?

    Is the only change to the free feature that it will no longer be shareable or printable in PDF?

  • Travefy Support

    Hi Luke! To clarify, since you have already created your trip you will still be able to edit and view it in your account after 1 August, 2019. After 1 Aug you will be able to log into your account and still edit it and view. If you create any trips after 1 Aug, you will need to purchase a Travefy subscription. If you have any other questions feel free to ask them here or email us directly at Professional@Travefy.com

  • Travefy Support

    Hi Jessica,

    Sorry for the confusions! After August 1, 2019, you will need to purchase a subscription in order to create/share/send new trips that you create after this date. After August 1st, you will still be able to view and edit any trips created before, however, printing as a PDF will not be an option. If you do need to print a PDF, I would recommend doing that before August 1, 2019 or if it's shortly after the update, just let us know at Professional@Travefy.com and we can help retrieve the PDF for you. 

    I hope this all makes sense! Let us know if you have any other questions at all. 

  • Robert Poppell

    I'm hoping that at some point you will reintroduce a pricing option that's accessible for non-professional travelers. I can't justify paying a recurring monthly charge of $30+ for something i'll use for 2-3 trips per year. 

    I understand you're a business trying to make money and that you've shifted your strategy away from the consumer market. But understand that this is a risky move that will alienate your most loyal users.

    I'll be looking to switch to one of your competitors after August 1st. Best of luck!


  • Travefy Support

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for your note and feedback on this. I've shared with our team the interest in offering another plan for personal travelers specifically and if there are any updates in this we will definitely reach out to you. 

    We are so sorry again for these upcoming changes and how they have affected your itinerary and travel planning. If there's anything that we can help answer or if you have any additional feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to us here or at professional@travefy.com

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