Travefy Expense and Polls will no longer be supported as of October 2018.



  • dan wessels

    The expense function is one of the most valuable functionalities for those who take trips with multiple people that share expenses, only second to laying out an itinerary. All of the trips we have used travey for, we have used this functionality. Disappointing to hear.

  • audrey ohe

    i agree - the expense function is super useful and the reason that i used travefy. super disappointing

  • Jasmine

    Please keep the expense function! One of my major pain points when travelling as a young person is tracking expenses in the group so was so glad that it had been thoughtfully designed it in this tool. To find out it's being removed is disappointing as I only just discovered this site. Not sure why I would continue using it Travefy now as I still need many sites to track this info

  • Martin

    If this feature goes away I will have to stop using travefy. I don't know why you would get rid of one of the primary features for the site.

  • sam

    That was the main reason our group used Travefy. We will not be a continuing user without this feature.

  • Russell Wortham

    I agree - Expenses seem like a basic functionality of trip planning. Does not make sense to get rid of this feature.

  • Christopher White

    I actually selected this App because on top of having a great itinerary tool we would be using the polls and expenses portion of this app frequently during the trips we have planned. This is very disappointing. Can you delay the shutdown until the end of the year? The expenses portion is critical to group trip planning and coordination. Not a smart move by whomever made this decision.

  • Moumita Paul

    This is literally the only reason many people have used this app. It made it completely headache free to track expenses between people. And now, you're getting rid of the only thing that draws me to the app. If you get rid of this, you are just like every single other itinerary app/website on the market! I am literally in the middle of planning a trip for December and this will be so annoying to restart if you get rid of it in October. You're telling me the expense tool is not one of the most used features on your app? I call BS. Keep this tool because it is really an amazing feature.

  • Tamara Deines

    Removing the expense tracking feature is totally ignorant on your part. I agree with everyone else that has commented on this subject. I, too, am in the middle of planning a trip for November. And, if you disable that function I will be forced to find another company/app to use for my November trip and all of my future trips. I have told so many people about Travefy and how fun and user-friendly it is. But, if you make these changes I am going to have to tell them to forget about it and recommend that they look somewhere else. Where do you get your information? Because it is extremely inaccurate. I highly recommend that you keep the features you already have set in place. Because it is quite obvious that many people enjoy and use these two features. Very bad idea!

  • David Traverso

    Agree with everyone else. I love this feature and I have two group trips coming up. DON'T REMOVE THIS!!!

  • Wendy Hallmark

    Agreed. The expense functionality is the reason I use this product and recommend it to others. Please reconsider removing it.

  • Shils Rivera

    I recently discovered Travefy when I was planning an intensive group itinerary with budget-conscious companions. When I saw the Expense feature, I had an “OMG, this is awesome!” moment. I was completely blown away by it. It’s an extremely useful tool for visualising how much each person has to pay, compared to creating shared spreadsheets!!!

    I think I even loved the Expenses tab more than the itinerary tab. I was even raving about it to colleagues who I know are the designated planner, and, they were amazed by it as much as I had been.

    Please do not remove this. Pretty, pretty, please!!!

    P.S. If there’s a feature I don’t use, it’s the Discover tab. It feels like the places and activities are incorrectly tagged, thus, the filters are not helpful.

  • Audra Nasser

    I only just discovered Travefy and have been using it to plan an extended trip with friends in the fall. The expense feature, specifically, has been very useful and one that sets Travefy apart from the many other travel itinerary apps. I'm disappointed to see it going away.


    Since you say you listen to us, I would like to ask you to please reconsider elimination of the expense feature on this site, Actually, the expense feature is the only feature that can not be found elsewhere in combination with the other features you offer. It is very beneficial and makes travel organizing much simpler. It is a more gracious way of keeping up with payments for individual travelers without having to go through awkward ways of record keeping. You have discovered a gem. It's what makes you different! Don't give up on it.

  • Charissa S

    The expense tool has been the single most valuable tool for the times I've used travefy in trip planning. There are plenty of places I can go to build an itinerary, but the ability to visualize and very easily split expenses tied in with the itinerary is something I haven't seen anywhere else. It's so simple and incredibly well made! Please, please reconsider... I know it was what kept me using this service, and what got me recommending it to people I know, and I don't see any reason to continue if the most powerful and useful tool is removed.

  • M. F. Lukawecki

    Hi all.

    Just signed up for Travefy and immediately got this msg in my face about this important feature being eliminated soon.

    I will NOT go to the trouble of entering the date for our upcoming trip.

    Can anyone recommend an alternative to Travefy? Is Google Trips any good?


  • Jeana Salman

    Disappointed for sure. We used the expenses feature for a multi-generational family trip in May and it was the most valuable feature. Perhaps tiered membership would make more sense than taking away something that some of your users find so valuable?

  • randall newman

    Why are you removing the best parts of your app?


    ummmm the expense page is THE reason we signed up to travefy.... all the other features are just a bonus. i'm repeating the general feedback here but you'd be crazy to take away this function??? if it is taken away it's pointless to continue on travefy as my shared trip is in november...

  • Ben Chen

    This feature was the only reason I used this application....

    Very disappointing. This article doesnt explain why earlier.

    I was just about to go on a trip in October....


    I just signed up today, uploaded all my stuff and played around on the site, then I see this notification and realize what a great feature would be taken away and now I'm leaving. Not sure why you take it away with months of people giving you bad feedback on the decision. You're truly striking a match to your site and watching it go up in flames.

    that sucks.

  • Laura I Vance

    Please don't do this. I will have no use for the site anymore if you do.

  • Donald Fisher

    Why on Earth are you removing the expenses page?

    There will be literally no point in using Travefy if you do this. It is the sole reason for me managing all my trips on here. How can this be justified. Look at the feedback people are leaving. This is obviously a very important feature for the vast majorty of your users.

    Why even delete the expenses that people have open now? I have trips coming up after the cut off date. Why delete all my carefully detailed expenses records and force me to now make a complicated spreadsheet which I have so far avoided? Are you just out to piss people off?

    For goodness sake, keep the expenses page! If you remove it you will lose A LOT of users. Your site will fail!

  • Tyla Elwers

    This is the best feature of Travefy. There are no other options with a similar feature so it would be quite silly of you to remove it especially considering all of the people commenting saying that they love the feature and it is the main reason they use your site.

  • Jonathan Ahn

    You guys should keep the feature, but if you must remove it due to the payment system, atleast keep the feature without the payment system because it allows us to keep track of the trips expenses and who owed people money on the trip!

  • Nicola Dabelow

    The Expense section is super helpful - one of the reasons I use it. If it goes away I might look for some other solution.
    I also didn't like when I lost the PDF print option, it was an easy way for mz to print it and give it to my mom (she doesn't use computer)

  • Margot Gabel

    Why removing the feature that makes you better than all competitors?
    Just remove the payment function if it is what costs you too much...
    I will use Splitwise on the side from now on.

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