How do I add photos to an event?

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To add an image to an event you can do it two different ways. One way is to manually add the image to an event as content and the second way to add your image to your Content Library first, then drag-and-drop it to the itinerary's event. 

We'll break down each option below:

Manually add image to an event on the itinerary:

1. Click on the pencil icon on the event you would like to add an image to. 

2. Next, begin typing the name of the photo in the box below. You can delete the text once add a photo as well. Then press Create a Custom Idea or Place

3. You will then be prompted to fill out the content on the left-hand side of your screen. You can leave all of the information empty or fill it in. You can also upload your own image or choose from our collection of images like this:


Add image from Content Library

1. If you are going to use an image for multiple itineraries, it may be best to add it to you Content Library so you can use it in the future. Here is how to add content to your Content Library.

2. Next, drag-and-drop the Content image into the event.


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