How do I save entire events?

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You can save events in your Event Library located on your account page next to Idea Library

To create and event, click +Create New Event and a new box will appear for you to add information to your event. 

At the bottom, to add a Saved Idea, these will be the Ideas that you have previously created in your Idea LibraryWhen you type the name of an Idea that you have already added to your Idea Library, you will see it appear in the search box. 

Adding Events to Your Itinerary

When you are ready to add the saved events to your itinerary, you can drag and drop the event from Saved Events on the right-hand side of your itinerary to the day you would like to add your event to. 

You can always edit the event once placing it into your itinerary by scrolling over the event and pressing the pencil icon on the top right-hand corner. Once done editing, press "Done Editing". 

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