How does the Travefy Professional Referral Program work?

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Once you sign up for the Travefy Professional Referral Program, you will get a code to share with your friends and colleagues. 

When they use your code to purchase a Travefy Professional subscription, they will get 10% off for six months and you get that cash in your pocket. 

Here is a breakdown of the commissions:

They sign up for... Normal Price They Save You Get
Premium (Annual) $1428/year $142.80/year $142.80
Premium (Monthly) $149/month $14.90/month $14.90 for 6 months
Plus (Annual) $372/year $37.20/year $37.20
Plus (Monthly) $39/month $3.90/month $3.90 every month
Starter (Annual) $156/month $15.60/year $15.60
Starter (Monthly)  $16/month $1.60/month $1.60 every month
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