Can I share my trip itinerary with people not on the trip?

Yes! After building your perfect trip itinerary, you can share it with others not on the trip in a variety ways. These include downloading a rich PDF file with all of your trip information as well as downloading a unique shareable trip link which creates a beautiful open page with your trip itinerary, but no personal information (like names or emails). You can copy this link to email to others or click on the Facebook or Twitter buttons to share on social media.

Once you have finished a travel itinerary and you're ready to share it with others, you can share and send your customized itinerary in multiple ways be following these steps: 

First, Go to the itinerary and click on Share/Download at the top:

You can then choose to share via a URL, download a PDF, or add it to a Calendar. 

To get the shareable itinerary URL, simply click Copy to Clipboard and it will automatically copy so you can paste it where you need or view it right away by clicking View.

You can share the link with others and if you make any updates to the itinerary, it will also update the link as well. 

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