Does Travefy charge a fee for expenses?

UPDATE: As of 3/13/2017 the credit, debit, and ACH (bank accounts) have been removed from the Travefy Expense tool. If you created a trip before this date, you will still have the option to use all methods of payment.

Yes. It's free to track expenses, but some fees apply when actually sending payments to other people on the trip. These fees cover the service costs for all payments and are typical for credit card, debit card, and PayPal transactions across the industry. 

These fees vary depending on how you'd like to be paid: 


Total Fees

Bank Account Transfer


Credit / Debit Card



3.9% + $0.30


Free to track

All paid methods have a minimum transaction of $2.50. Credit / Debit Cards and Paypal have a minimum Travefy fee of $2 and Bank Account Transfer has a minimum Travefy fee of $1. PayPal fees include 2.9% + $0.30 PayPal fee and 1.0% Travefy fee.

Additionally, a collector (i.e., the person receiving money) can select whether the fees should be paid by the person paying, the person collecting, or split 50/50. And you can always use Travefy for free if all you’re doing is simply keeping track of cash payments.

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