How do I invite people to Travefy Personal if I don't know their email address?

Don’t know your friend’s email addresses off the top of your head? No problem! Travefy allows you to invite your friends to a trip in a variety ways beyond simply typing email addresses.

First, you can import your contacts from Gmail. This pulls in your email contact list from Gmail such that when you start typing a friend’s name it auto-suggests their contact information for you to select. (And don’t worry! Importing your Gmail contacts does not give Travefy access to your actual email or send any email from your Gmail account without your knowledge.)

Travefy also let’s you invite friends with an open invitation link. You can copy this link on the Invites page to drop into an email of your own, text to friends, or share any way you want. You can also click on the Facebook or Twitter buttons to share this open link on social medial.

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